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If you’re a new homeowner or you’re trying to protect your garden, you might need retaining wall installation in Hogansville, GA. These can be used to protect features in your yard or just to look good.

Our team of experts has worked with all kinds of materials:

  1. Concrete
  2. Wood
  3. Boulders
  4. Stone
  5. Rocks

As you might imagine, concrete tends to hold up the best, but any retaining wall is better than nothing. They create a barrier on 2 levels to keep your landscaping safer from soil erosion.

Retaining walls are especially effective on sloped yards. If you’ve got a slope or want to find out more, give us a call at 470-241-0677 today and get started with a free estimate!

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Quality Retaining Wall Installation in Hogansville, GA

When you hire us to be your retaining wall builder in Hogansville, GA, you can start feeling safer. Our team of professionals will install a barrier to significantly lower water runoff. Since that’s a huge cause of soil erosion, especially with sloped yards, retaining walls can be pivotal. You might not realize how many issues runoff can cause, from erosion to flooding

Retaining walls flatten out your yard to help avoid these problems, which can also open up more usable square footage. You’re not limited; We can also install retaining walls on a terrace for more garden space. It doesn’t have to be a garden, though, because you might want landscaping or hardscaping to be separated throughout your yard.

Wherever you need one, TruScape, LLC wants to help! Our design team will create a custom proposal for your retaining walls to give you what you need. Call 470-241-0677 today and schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Feel Safe with Retaining Wall Installation in Hogansville, GA

While you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to your retaining walls, we strongly recommend hiring a professional. We can give you the best results, but there are also a number of local and area codes to know. Otherwise, you might accidentally cause flooding or sewage issues and the city could find you responsible.

Pros also have the experience to maximize the effectiveness of your retaining wall installation in Hogansville, GA. For instance, we know that some people just want them for the look. With so many options, retaining walls can bring rural stones and vintage masonry to complement your property. These can be great for bringing out a desired aesthetic or time period.

That’s why we know all about retaining walls and the materials at your disposal. When our designers start planning, we figure out ways to make the retaining walls a part of your overall scope. It’s our job to craft an aesthetic that matches your dream while installing your retaining walls to make them last for years.

We want you to know you’re getting the best retaining wall builder in Hogansville, GA. Our staff will keep you involved through the design process and beyond so that you always know what we’re doing. If you want a company you can trust with the installation and aesthetic of your retaining walls, call us today at 470-241-0677!

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Truscape was responsive to my questions and concerns. They offered a different solution to solving my situation which I did pick. I received three bids and their bid was in the middle. In a timely manner, they provide the work I requested and left the area clean. I do recommend this company.

– Denise F.  Fayetteville, GA


Garrett was quick to respond, visit the site and provide an estimate. He is detail oriented and made sure we understood each other in the scope of the work. Garrett and his team are attentive to the details and quality of this job. Will use Truscape again and recommend them.

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