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There are a lot of ways that retaining walls can be used. That’s one of the reasons that we always recommend working with a professional. Our experts at TruScape, LLC know how to make the most of your retaining walls. We also know how to use the different types of walls effectively.

One of the biggest reasons that retaining walls in Peachtree City, GA are so useful is because of the options. Different retaining walls are perfect to handle different situations. You can choose from materials like wood, stone, cinder blocks, and even poured concrete.

Our design team will be with you every step of the way for your retaining walls. We’ll lend our knowledge to recommend the best products from top manufacturers. We’ll base these suggestions on your needs.

That’s because you might have different reasons for your retaining walls. A popular use is with sloped yards, because the walls can improve drainage and protection of features. We’re familiar with all of the ways that retaining walls can help your property.

As you can tell, there are a lot of purposes for retaining walls. When you want someone you can trust, TruScape, LLC is here! Just give us a call today at 470-241-0677 and schedule your free estimate!

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Reliable Retaining Walls in Peachtree City, GA

TruScape, LLC has been installing retaining walls in Peachtree City, GA for a long time. We’ve got experience with all types and their uses, so we know what works the best. If you’ve never had retaining walls or want to upgrade, there are several positives to getting them:

  1. Retaining walls can section off your yard. This is important if you’re trying to make space for a custom patio.
  2. Drainage is a common issue for a lot of homeowners. Not only can this flood your yard, but it can cause soil erosion. Retaining walls are great for protecting your soil and plants from runoff or rainfall. 
  3. Another way that retaining walls can protect your yard is by guiding water out of the area. Different materials are better for angling water in other directions, so that the effects of soil erosion never bother your seeds.
  4. Water is naturally acidic, too. Over the years, runoff can change the shape and layout of your property. By having retaining walls installed, you can preserve your yard. 
  5. Something that a lot of our customers love is that retaining walls can help with gatherings and curb appeal. With so many options for retaining wall materials, you can choose on that will complement your home after a remodel or maybe you’ve got a focal point feature.

We’ve mentioned the materials for retaining walls a number of times. There are all kinds, including boulders, so you’ve got options for different sizes and styles. Some of them even stack to create whatever shape you want. We’ll work with you and your budget to come up with the best design for your interests, but the final cost is influenced by things like:

  1. The condition of the soil
  2. Your decision of the retaining wall materials
  3. How difficult it is for our team of experts to reach the installation area
  4. How involved our retaining walls in Peachtree City, GA have to be, like added protection or materials

When you hire us, we’ll inspect the area where you want your retaining walls. While our experts are there, we’ll get to know what you need walls for. If you’ve worked hard to cultivate a garden or want to show off a specific feature of your yard, that matters. We want to help you accomplish whatever your yardage goals are with retaining walls, so call us today at 470-241-0677 and schedule your free inspection and estimate!

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Truscape was responsive to my questions and concerns. They offered a different solution to solving my situation which I did pick. I received three bids and their bid was in the middle. In a timely manner, they provide the work I requested and left the area clean. I do recommend this company.

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