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Is there a wide-open space just outside your doorstep that is begging to be used more often, but doesn’t give you any real reason for why you should?  The answer to the question of where that nagging sensation is coming from may be that while you recognize that an outdoor patio would be a perfect fit for the area, you can’t wrap your head around what it might cost, whether it would be worth the expense, or who you could depend upon to it.    

Your home is the place that you go to relax, eat, sleep, spend time with loved ones, so if you feel like there should be more to it, you are probably right.   

Maybe you are thinking that a paver patio would provide an elegant and attractive place for you to enjoy the outdoor spaces surrounding your home? If so, then you are in the right place!

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How We Can Help With Patios in Newnan, GA

We’ve got the knowledge and experience necessary to custom tailor your future patio design, and can integrate any of a number of attractive features and elements.  From a simple, but elegant seating area that will allow you to take in the sunrise or sunset views that your home’s natural orientation offers, to a cozy place to gather with groups of friends or family, TruScape can help!  We can add whatever you need to your home’s outdoor spaces to make it into a place that you can’t wait to come home to.  

As a professional landscaping and hardscaping company, we are well versed in the art and science of paver patios in Newnan, GA.  We take the time to learn more about our clients in order to better understand their needs, so that we are equipped with the knowledge necessary to design and install the patio that is right for their situation.  Some questions we’ll likely want to ask you about include the following:

  1. When you think of a patio, how do you envision yourself using it and what is the leading cause of your interest in a patio?
  2. Are you interested in hosting parties or do you prefer the idea of your home serving as your “fortress of solitude”?
  3. Do you like to cook and entertain, relax and soak up nature to relieve yourself of worrisome thoughts, or do you want an outdoor patio with a combination of features that will allow to do a little bit of whatever suits you on any given day?

A patio can require that you commit substantial financial resources to the cause, but there is always a way to scale up or down when it comes to outdoor spaces and patios in Newnan, GA are a perfect outdoor structure for accenting spaces both large and small.  You can start of small and take your time to gradually implement larger or more complex features into your patio.  So don’t worry about doing everything at once if that is what concerns you.  We are adept at absorbing the information that you provide, analyzing your options, and helping to develop a custom solution that is right for both what you want to achieve and for you budget at the same time.

Contact TruScape today with any question you might have about patios in Newnan, GA at 470-241-0677 or use the provided Contact Form to send us a message.  We can’t wait to hear from you, and we are looking forward to helping you build that perfect patio.  We hope you reach out to us soon!

Paver Patios in Newnan, GA

There are a number of materials that you can potentially use when designing patios in Newnan, GA, but not all of them are equal and some provide benefits that are simply superior to those of the other options.  Paver patios are a favorite among our customers, despite the fact that  do tend to be pavers a little bit pricier than some of patio material alternatives.  There are a few reasons that our customers tend to end up choosing pavers over other materials, but depending on your budget, it’s possible that they may not be the best option.  But, that’s okay!  There are still plenty of very attractive patio design materials to consider, and if you still have your heart set on pavers, you might actually be surprised by what we can do for you.  We don’t mean to scare you off by talking about how pavers are “pricier,” because they aren’t terribly expensive – natural stone is one of the most expensive options available, and pavers aren’t anywhere near as costly to use in comparison.  It’s all relative.

That said, if your budget allows you to consider paver stones as an option, we’d strongly recommend that you do so.   There truly is a reason for the widespread popularity of paver patios in Newnan, GA, though, and if you’ll contact us, we can help provide you with a more precise estimate (for free) regarding what it might run you to use pavers for your home’s patio.

Pavers are very versatile and using them opens up an entire world of design options that other patio materials aren’t really able to rival in terms of variety and customizability.  Pavers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and our design team can help you create a unique patio design that fits perfectly into whatever theme you are trying to promote with your home’s style and décor.

Contact Truscape today to learn about what we have to offer in the way of design and installation options for paver patios in Newnan, GA!  You can reach us by calling (470) 241-0677 or by sending us a message using our Contact Form.  Schedule your free inspection and estimate now!

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Truscape was responsive to my questions and concerns. They offered a different solution to solving my situation which I did pick. I received three bids and their bid was in the middle. In a timely manner, they provide the work I requested and left the area clean. I do recommend this company.

– Denise F.  Fayetteville, GA


Garrett was quick to respond, visit the site and provide an estimate. He is detail oriented and made sure we understood each other in the scope of the work. Garrett and his team are attentive to the details and quality of this job. Will use Truscape again and recommend them.

– Julie S. Senoia, GA

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