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Your grass, flowers, and plants won’t do what you want them to if you don’t treat them right.  The same thing goes for your kids and your husband or your wife! If you love it and you want it shine, you have to spend at least a little bit of time, effort, and money to help it along.

That said, when it comes your property’s naturally occurring or cultivated features, TruScape LLC can provide the expertise and quality services you require to achieve your landscaping objectives objectives directly your home.  Water is an essential resource for any living thing, and your outdoor spaces are no exception.

Next to oxygen, proper hydration is most critical factor contributing life quality.  And that applies to plants, animals, and human beings equally.  You probably already know this – because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be in a position to access the internet or realize that you might need a little help in the first place!

TruScape, LLC will inspect your property to make you landscape is prepared to receive the TLC that you want it to have.  Irrigation  systems are our speciality if you need sprinklers and irrigation in Newnan, GA, we have your back.

 Whether you need to keep the natural beauty vibrant and alive at your your home or place of business, TruScapes LLC can help.

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Quick Installation of Sprinklers and Irrigation in Newnan, GA

Your irrigation system is essential to ensuring that your property’s most beautiful features can stand out to fullest of their abilities.   Vibrant green grass, gorgeous flower beds, and deep, richly colored soil and mulch can turn your home or business into a work of art if properly maintained.  On the other hand, if you don’t have a way to distribute water throughout the areas where these natural assets have taken up residence, they can really bite you from behind.  The great outdoors are the canvas, and even if you intend for your home or business’ interior to be the focal point, they won’t steal the show if they are nestled in a dying mess of poorly hydrated undergrowth. 

You may live in an area that nature happens to bestow with proper hydration for the better part of the year.  But, you can do better than “part of the year” with top-of-the-line sprinkler and irrigation system.  If you already have a system and it’s not functioning properly, we can fix it.  If you need sprinklers or irrigation in Newnan, GA, we can provide that, too.

Save Your Lawn, but Spare Your Wallet With Sprinklers and Irrigation in Newnan, GA

Whether you need a very basic or highly advanced sprinklers and irrigation in Newnan, GA,   TruScapes LLC can help you keep your grass, trees, plants, and any other natural asset on your property properly hydrated at the right levels without wasting water unnecessarily.  

With the technology available today, your sprinkler and irrigation systems can actually be capable of keeping your yard properly watered, but not overly so, at all times of the year.  You can actually take take control of the whole process yourself using a remote control, just like would changing the channel on your television (depending on the system that you choose to install).   Our point is that you can go over the top with latest technology or secure yourself a simple but effective system to reap the benefits of sprinklers and irrigation in Newnan, GA.  Now,  you may not need anything wild for you home, but we want you to know that whether you would like a simple, effective sprinkler system, or something that came out of an episode of Star Trek, we can make it happen.  TruScapes LLC can handle  help you choose the right system and manage the installation process while take of your own business, and then be out before you know it!  We can install drip irrigation and programmable sprinklers or or any other irrigation technologies that you may desire.  We install the systems that suit your needs best, so contact us today for more information!

If you’re looking for a company that can install sprinklers and irrigation in Newnan, GA, TruScapes LLC is one of the most well-known and reliable landscaping and hardscaping contractors in your area.  Call us right now at 470-241-0677 or send us a message using our Contact Form and we will work with you to schedule a free inspection and provide you with an estimate so that we can begin working together to help bring your home’s exterior spaces into the limelight with confidence.

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Our Office is located in Hogansville, GA and we serve the following areas:
  • Hogansville, GA
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  • Senoia, GA
  • Peachtree City, GA
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  • La Grange, GA
  • Grantville, GA



Truscape was responsive to my questions and concerns. They offered a different solution to solving my situation which I did pick. I received three bids and their bid was in the middle. In a timely manner, they provide the work I requested and left the area clean. I do recommend this company.

– Denise F.  Fayetteville, GA


Garrett was quick to respond, visit the site and provide an estimate. He is detail oriented and made sure we understood each other in the scope of the work. Garrett and his team are attentive to the details and quality of this job. Will use Truscape again and recommend them.

– Julie S. Senoia, GA

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