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If you’re a new homeowner or you haven’t looked around lately, you might not know about retaining walls. These have many uses to give your yard a lot of advantages. It all starts by choosing a team of experts like the ones at TruScape, LLC. We know all about landscaping services.

If you have a patio, you might want to look out and see a beautiful yard. Maybe there are features you want to stand out. Retaining walls in Sharpsburg, GA can help with all of that and more. There are also different types of retaining walls for various landscaping needs.

Another big choice with retaining walls is what they’re made of. Some common options are stone, poured concrete, wood, and cinder blocks. To help make things easier, we’ve got designers to help with every decision.

We know quality products that will last. With our recommendations, you’ll have retaining walls that can do whatever you need them to. If you have a sloped property, your yard could be susceptible to soil erosion or drainage problems. Retaining walls can help prevent those entirely.

There are a lot of ways that retaining walls can benefit your home. We’ve got the expertise and experience to give the best results. Schedule your free inspection today when you call us at 470-241-0677!

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Retaining Walls in Sharpsburg, GA You Can Count On

Your yard has a lot of potential and retaining walls in Sharpsburg, GA are a great way to get more. That’s because they’re so versatile, especially with the different materials and types. Here are some of the best ways that retaining walls can benefit your home:

  1. Any home improvement project is an investment. Retaining walls can increase your home’s value and aesthetic for a resale. Some materials offer a number of color schemes, textures, and styles that can complement the features of your home and get you more.
  2. By using retaining walls to split your yard into sections, you can use them to create a focal point or make room for other features.
  3. Sloped yards and areas with rainfall can be prone to soil erosion. This effect can alter your property over time and negatively impact the quality of your soil.
  4. Another way that retaining walls can help is with drainage. A lot of yards have issues getting water out, so it becomes stagnant. This can lead to flooding, but standing water also attracts bugs and pests to build nests.
  5. Protection is a big reason to get retaining walls. If you’ve worked hard building a garden or have loose features, retaining walls can block them off from runoff.

Those are just a few of the benefits that retaining walls in Sharpsburg, GA have to offer. When it comes to your soil, it also helps to have the right sprinklers and irrigation system. We do it all at TruScape, LLC. Of course, the cost of your retaining walls mostly comes down to the material. Some give more options for aesthetics or protection, so we’ll help you find the best one for your yard. Your budget will mostly come down to:

  1. Which material you decide on
  2. How many you need and the purpose of the retaining walls
  3. What your soil’s quality is like
  4. How easily we can bring the retaining walls into your yard for installation

Whether you want stacked boulders or pavers, we’ve got a design team that can help with your retaining wall decisions. It all starts with an inspection of the area. While we’re there, you can feel free if you want to take advantage of our other services. Maybe you want a patio after your features are sectioned off. Either way, give us a call today at 470-241-0677 and schedule your free estimate!

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